Friday, September 18, 2009

Enhance spoken English with Wikipedia Spoken Project

Hi all of you waiting for your spoken English to be a cake walk. Today I am going to share a very useful link, and that is from a very authentic site, that is Wikipedia. Wikipedia has come up with a great project to improve the spoken English of everyone.

The link for this great project is Wikipedia:Spoken articles. This link contains spoken audios of various words and their meanings. The best part is that the user can scan for any word in their list, and they will give a vocal explanation of that word or phrase. The article in reading is also there, but on a separate page.

It is a very good way for improving your spoken English, as you come to hear good English by very authentic sources. Moreover you get to know the meaning of that word or phrase also. The current development on spoken articles contains audios on the following categories:-

  1.      Art, architecture, and archaeology
  2.      Biology and medicine
  3.      Business
  4.      Chemistry
  5.      Culture and society
  6.      Education
  7.      Economics
  8.      Food and drink
  9.      Geography and places
  10.      Geology, geophysics, and mineralogy
  11.      History
  12.      Internet
  13.      Language and linguistics
  14.      Law and crime
  15.      Literature
  16.      Mathematics
  17.      Media
  18.      Music
  19.      Philosophy
  20.      Physics and astronomy
  21.      Politics and government
  22.      Psychology
  23.      Recreation and leisure
  24.      Religion and beliefs
  25.      Royalty, nobility and chivalry
  26.      Sport and games
  27.      Technology
  28.      Transport
  29.      War
  30.      Wikipedia-related
  31.      See also

Though the categories of articles is going to increase over time, with more and more audios added to each category. You would love to spend some quality time hearing these audios, and practicing their pronunciation.

Remember that if you want to improve your pronunciation, then you have to listen to quality audios, and quality English. This is a brain tuning exercise, which records what we hear. And when we speak those words, our brain guides us about the correct pronunciation.

It is an exhaustive collection of audios, and you will have more then enough audios to practice communication skills improvement by hearing audios. If you want to know more about this Wikipedia Spoken project, then check the link for it. It involves with speaking the articles present on Wikipedia loudly. So you can easily hear how to correctly pronounce words, and talk normally in conversations.

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