Friday, October 29, 2010

Spoken English Exercises

Have you ever realized the importance of exercising in our life. It keeps our body fit and keep us mentally alert and sound. Spoken English is no exception. If you want to improve your muscles you exercise them, similarly you want to improve your communication skills, then you have to exercise them. And the best part is that it's absolutely free. That's the advantage we have of being online. So do practice these free Spoken English Exercises whenever you get a chance.

Now that we are clear with the need for exercising, we will discuss some of the most important exercises that help a person improve his or her communication ability. Though below I have discussed a plethora of information to improve Communication ability in English, I plan to add some Spoken English Exercises pdf files later to my main site.

So lets get started...

Mouth muscle stretching
For speaking anything, you have to open your mouth. One very common issue which I realized in communications of people is that, they do not open their mouth properly while speaking. This results in the words getting mixed up and also adds some sort of accent to their voice.

Both of the above symptoms are bad from a listener point of view. So if you also have the same issue, then exercise your mouth muscles. Stretch them daily few times, say words like "CHEESE" loudly. Such words make your mouth stretch and make sure that you pronounce it clearly.

To be aware about the right pronunciation, make sure that you listen quality english. This tunes your mind, and when you speak some word incorrectly, then your mind hits back as "hey what are you saying man... It just doesn't sound right. Better correct it next time".

Read one English newspaper loudly
Yes, you read it correctly. Believe me, I tried this way on myself and the results are too good. This exercise requires patience, but is fun. I used to read one entire newspaper (every single line) loudly every day. I used to escape to my house terrace, where no one disturbs me, or laughs at me. Once in solitude, I used to take out my Times Of India newspaper, and used to read it loudly.

There are multiple benefits of this exercise. The main is that your mind starts believing that you can speak good English. That's the main kick that enables a person to communicate effectively. Your confidence starts growing. It also causes mouth muscle stretching, as you are supposed to pronounce the words correctly.

So one activity, multiple benefits. Spare at least 1 hour of your time for this activity. Your life schedule might be too busy, but it costs to improve yourself, and the cost is your time and effort.

Phone a friend
Simplest exercise to improve spoken English. Just pick up your cell phone and call one of your good friends. But there is one condition, that friend must be good in communication skills. Converse with him in English.

You get your estimate only when you test it with others. So try to converse in English with him, there will be failures, embarrassment, but remember that a fighter never gives up.

Record your voice and listen again
Do not underestimate this exercise, we come to know about our shortcomings in spoken English only when we listen to it. While speaking we are concentrating on the words and thoughts, so we are unable to pay much attention to the clarity of our own voices.

The best way is to record your voice and listen again. Judge your voice by yourself, and analyze your weak points. If required then ask someone good in English to review the recordings done by you, it will help to get a second opinion. Practice this exercise as often as possible to check your improvement in communication skills.

Watch English Program on Television
Do watch any program, news, movie in English. Use your television for this exercise. It's learning with fun. Make a habit to watch at least 1 hr of English audio and Video daily.

After you had finished watching English Program on Television, then just comprehend the show that you just saw to yourself or a friend. This will help in verifying your understanding of the language. This exercise is very important and will help you improve a lot.

All the above exercises which I have mentioned above are self tested on myself. There was a time, when I was unable to speak a single sentence clearly. The embarrassment was too much to handle. This embarrassment was the main driving factor, that I tried various ways. My passion to improve kept me going. And today even my colleagues are proud of my communication capabilities.

I have made a place for myself in the society, and I believe that anyone can improve his or her communication skill. The basic requirement is the passion to improve. That's all for now friends. Improve Spoken English will be back soon.

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