Sunday, October 11, 2009

Importance of English Grammar

We know that the strength of a tree lies in its roots. Similarly the strength of any spoken language lies in its grammar. So if you seriously want to improve your spoken English, then you have to work on your grammar. Getting a good hold on grammar is required so that you can speak correct English. I have seen many speakers who speak incorrect grammar while speaking in English.

Having a perfect grammar is very hard, but the English grammar used for daily life can be easily attained by going back to your school books for grammar. Have a tight grip over your Nouns, Pronouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Adverbs and Prepositions.

The English Grammar school books that we thought of as very boring are the best resource for English Grammar available. The topics there are explained in a very descriptive and basic way, so as to help even a child gain confidence in English. Once you have chosen ESL, then be sure that you have made the right choice.

There are many other ways also to build up your grammar like speak in English to a teacher, watching English Movies to get the correct grammar usage, etc., you need not be a master for it, but the basic skill set is required. Grammar is something which goes within you and the output is quality English. It defines the basic rules for the English language and must be adhered to.

The way you express yourself during communications gives off hints as to your knowledge and education. The use of correct grammar at all the occasions will cause people to perceive you as a good English knowing person. On the contrary if incorrect usage of English grammar is done, then the impression formed on others is a very poor one and they might take you to be poorly educated. This explains why we need to go the depths of English and that is grammar itself.

All you need to get started is a good English grammar book and some time to spare everyday for reading and practicing it. The more you get used to working on your grammar, the more your English will automatically improve. This is similar to the fact that if a tree is dying, then the probable reason is the lack of water reaching the roots. So there is no advantage in watering the leaves, but the person has to water the roots. Similarly you need to provide food for the basic requirement of English.

Learning grammar can be boring initially, but once you gain momentum and start learning new rules, it will start to become fun. Remember that the more you learn the more confident you will become.

That's it for today folks, Improve Spoken English will soon soon be back.

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  2. English grammar is SO important, especially when it can affect industry sales. I thought your readers may be interested in this article.


  3. Grammer is the system of rules that conveying ideas to the mind of other person in simple english language.