Saturday, October 10, 2009

Improve English with English Movies with Sub titles

For becoming a good English orator, you need to hear good quality English. There are many sources which are available from which you may get good English, like English movies, Listen English songs, a friend who is good in spoken English etc. But you need to find a way which is most interesting to you, since in this way you can keep yourself involved. This enhances your learning process, and provides a platform for speedy spoken English learning.

One of the best way for improving your spoken English is to watch English movies. Make sure that you get the movies with sub titles. This will help you to understand what is being said and in which way. The main benefit is that you get the knowledge of the correct pronunciation, mood, and phrases by this. This is a powerful tool to speed up the learning process, as it keeps you involved too. Some key factors for this technique are:-

You get quality English
English movies are mostly from America or United Kingdom, so the performers in these movies are mostly English speaking nationals. Though there is some difference in the way English is spoken in the two countries, but still you get quality English. Don't worry about the accent, it will neutralize once you get through the basic requirement for learning how to improve Spoken English.

Awareness about the different accents
As most of the English speakers have some or the other accent of speaking. When you watch English movies you get to know all about the accents which the speaker use for their communication. This is important, as neutral accent is the most preferred English in most the Business and Industries. But while speaking to friends or relatives the accent could be there. It might be that you like to pick up an accent while speaking, but this may be harmful for your professional life. It is finally your call.

Know how to speak in English in a particular mood
The actors in these English movies depicts various moods while speaking. It might be that the condition is a hilarious one, and the actors speak in a particular way. There might be another condition when the situation is a grim one, and the performers are in a very sorrow full mood, and the dialogues are in that tone. So the English movies are a very effective tool to get quality English, and the knowledge of how to speak in English depending upon the mood in which you are.

Read the sub titles along with the English movie
The sub titles are very helpful in understanding what is being said. If you are a novice in regard to English movies, then it is very difficult to understand what is being said in these movies. So it is a very good idea, to get English movies with sub titles. So when the dialogue is spoken in English, the sub titles are displayed below. So you can just read it as the communication proceeds in the movie. It helps to remove dependency on any anyone else to understand what is being said.

You enjoy the learning process
Movies are fun to watch. If the plot of the English movie is good, then you will definitely enjoy it, and in the process your spoken English will also improve. So it's always a good idea to get good English movies, as they are the value for their money. Avoid bad movies as they can spoil your language.

Knowledge of common English idioms and phrases
Most of the English movies have some English phrases or idioms as dialogue, the best part is that you come to know how to use that particular Idiom or phrase and in which context. This enhances your vocal impression multifold. Use of good idioms and phrases are a part of every good speech, so pick up some great phrases and use them in your daily communication.

I am done for today, Improve Spoken English will soon be back with yet another interesting article.

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